Why Me

It's been a rough few months for our little community. "Hard providence" would be a pretty apt description, I think, for the joys and the frustrations and the sorrows all taking place all at once. As a woman it can be especially difficult since 1) we are more emotional by nature and 2) struggles, it […]

An Abbreviated God

You know that ol' Yiddish proverb that goes something like this. . ."A half-truth is a whole lie"? Have you noticed that when many Christians talk about God they only talk about how loving, compassionate and merciful He is? Have you also noticed that many of those same Christians have trouble understanding many unsettling Old […]

Lunch, Beer and….

Scene: Men’s restroom. A gentleman in the restroom begins discussing his weekend plans with me. Apparently today is a special day in sports (something about 4 different playoff games on the same day or something, and they start at noon eastern time). He has a meeting at eleven, and as soon as he gets done […]

Separation of Church and Tread – An Analogy

Separation of church and state… This is what I thought of as I was investigating my separation of tread and tire… On my vehicle of course. And then it struck me how similar the two were. Once the tread decides to separate itself from the tire, the function of the tire very quickly breaks down […]