Scriptural Qualifications for Civic Office

Scriptural references compiled by Dr. Phillip G. Kayser Article written by John Mayes and Micah Hurd   American Christians today find themselves in the middle of a political tension: tension between desiring a Christian revival in the nation, while simultaneously voting out of fear, leading to a “choice between the lesser of two evils” mentality. However, this tension should […]

Moral Relativism and its Christian Response

In this article, I will give a brief overview of moral relativism, and articulate four cases against it which are designed to demonstrate how it conflicts with our moral intuitions. These intuitions are not morally authoritative, but nonetheless serve as a useful guide in examining issues surrounding relativism. As moral relativism is a widely held […]

Made in The Image of God

God’s word teaches us that we are created beings. The Genesis account of creation makes it clear that Humanity was specifically and purposefully made by our Creator (“let Us make”), and that we were set apart from the rest of creation as “very good.” This fact alone should fill us with a sense of reverence […]

Christianity and Government: By Which Standard?

Government in America is changing, a fact that is readily apparent by the shenanigans in which the federal government is routinely involved. As Americans become increasingly disenchanted with the godless enactments of state and federal governments, they naturally seek to hold their leaders accountable to a higher court of appeal. Unfortunately Americans have difficulty figuring […]