Reading and Leading: A Further Look

Recently, Fortifying the Kingdom posted a page on the website of basic essential Christian reading.  The list of literature is obviously not exhaustive but, rather, what we considered bare minimum essentials for laying the foundation for a robust Christian worldview.  There are many more necessary components for building upon and utilizing such a worldview. On […]

Pop-Christianity: Challenging the Authority of Christ

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, it was almost universally accepted that Christianity was expected to shape and reform all elements of society (including government). Prior to 21st century America, the historical norm has been Church involvement in all levels of society. Roman Catholicism, the role that ministers played in encouraging […]

Made in The Image of God

God’s word teaches us that we are created beings. The Genesis account of creation makes it clear that Humanity was specifically and purposefully made by our Creator (“let Us make”), and that we were set apart from the rest of creation as “very good.” This fact alone should fill us with a sense of reverence […]