The Inspiration of Scripture

The authority of Scripture is a key issue for the Church today. Contemporary Bible scholarship, influenced by humanist thought, has abandoned an Orthodox view of Scripture and is instead openly critical, and even hostile, towards true Christian faith. Humanism, Enlightenment thought, and Historical Criticism have all worked to slowly erode a high and reverent view of Scripture.

Christianity and Government: Jesus is King

Christians tend to be very opinionated about the laws their government creates (as we should be). Modern Christians have placed themselves into the unfortunate position of not being subject to God, and this has created a problem for them. While there are many laws that they can point to and say, “that’s a bad law, […]

Marijuana Laws: Discussing God’s Charter for Government

I should state at the outset that this article is NOT a discussion about whether or not God sanctions the use of Marijuana. This article seeks to use the issue of Marijuana as a tool for discussing the role and scope of civil government according to God’s directions in Scripture. Lately there have been rumblings within […]